Lobster and Love Heart Art Print from Skudaboo

6 Thoughtful Valentine's Day gift ideas your wife will LOVE (and they're all from small businesses!)

As a small business owner, small business super-fan, AND the biggest romantic out there, I have got you covered this Valentine’s Day. If you are stuck knowing what to buy for your wife, girlfriend, or heck, you’re maybe even buying a Valentine’s Day gift for your Aunty, I don’t know. Anyway, whoever you’re buying for… I have scoured the cream of the crop of UK small businesses and come up with 6 gorgeously thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas, all from small businesses, that your partner will love. Read on to have Valentine’s Day all taken care of…


1. Lobster & Love Heart Art Print from Skudaboo

Lobster and Love Heart Art Print From Skudaboo

I am OBSESSED with all the gorgeous art prints from Bristol-based Skudaboo, they are beautiful, and there’s such a variety. Gifting a piece of artwork for Valentine’s Day is so thoughtful, and there’s so many to choose from. I particularly love this Lobster & Love Heart Art Print, it’s beautiful, it’s quirky, and it alludes to the oh-so-wonderful ‘You’re My Lobster’ phrase in a non-cliche way.

Prices for the Lobster & Love Heart Art Print start from just £9, or browse the whole collection of art prints on the Skudaboo website.


2. Silver Reversible Disk Pendant Necklace from Militza Ortiz Jewellery

Silver Disk Pendant From Militza Ortiz Jewellery

Militza Ortiz jewellery is just STUNNING. And so unique. Honestly, who wouldn’t love to be gifted some beautiful jewellery from their significant other this Valentine’s Day. There is such a gorgeous choice on London-based Militza’s website, but I have a real soft spot for this Silver reversible Disk Pendant Necklace - it is so gorgeous! 

Prices for the Silver reversible Disk Pendant Necklace begin at £65, or browse the entire jewellery collection available on the Militza Ortiz website.


3. I Love The Life We Have Built Together Valentine’s Day Card from Jess A Little Creative

I Love The Life We Have Built Together Valentine's Day Card from Jess A Little Creative

I couldn’t put together a Valentine’s Day gift guide without talking about my own business, Jess A Little Creative. I draw and design a wide range of unique greeting cards, and you know what’s the perfect accompaniment to a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift? A beautiful Valentine’s Day card. I have a wide range of Valentine’s Day cards available, but I am shining the spotlight on this new design, I Love The Life We Have Built Together. Inspired by my own partner, it is cute without being cheesy, with a fresh modern design. Let your partner know just how much you adore having them in your life this Valentine’s Day with this cute card.

The I Love The Life We Have Built Together Valentine’s Day card is £2.95, or you can browse the entire range of Valentine’s Day cards on the Jess A Little Creative website.


4. The Oracle Self Reflection Cards from Rock & Realm

The Oracle Self Reflection Cards from Rock And Realm

I am a huge fan of wellbeing gifts, and these Self Reflection cards from Rock & Realm are beautiful. Gift your partner some self reflection time, a moment of calm, and a chance to process, they will appreciate all the thought that has gone into such a special gift this Valentine's Day. There is a huge range of spiritual wellbeing gifts available, so do have a browse on the website.

The Oracle Self Reflection Cards are just £12, or you can browse the entire spiritual wellbeing range on the Rock & Realm website.


5. Hand-dyed yarn from Eleanor Shadow

Hand dyed yarn from Eleanor Shadow

If your partner is a lover of crafting, or maybe has hinted that they want to make more time for a new hobby in 2024, why not gift them some of the most gorgeous hand-dyed yarn from Edinburgh-based Eleanor Shadow. Or, if you’re the bigger crafter in your relationship, why not knit or crochet something for your partner? Handmade gifts are so thoughtful, it would make Valentine’s Day very special indeed.

Check out the full range of hand-dyed yarns and knitting gifts on the Eleanor Shadow website.


6. Personalised Wall Hanging from Blue Stiggy

Personalised Wall Hanging From Blue Stiggy

This is just the most romantic and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ever. Does your partner have a favourite film quote? A special poem that means something to the pair of you? Or maybe there is a passage from a book that they just adore? Well, how about having it made into a personalised wall hanging from Lincolnshire-based Blue Stiggy, just for them. The options are endless, you can have whatever you want printed on it, making it personal, thoughtful, and oh-so-romantic. 

Prices for Personalised Wall Hangings start from just £18, or browse even more gorgeous Valentine’s Day gifts on the Blue Stiggy website.



Well my my my, WHAT a selection. There are going to be some very happy wives and girlfriends out there on Valentine’s Day this year. These thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas are the perfect way to show your partner just how much you love them. From art prints, to spiritual wellbeing, to jewellery, there are heaps of ideas in here to help you find the perfect gift, and all from the most gorgeous UK small businesses. Happy shopping!

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Love, Jess x

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