About Jess A Little Creative

Hi! I'm Jess, I'm Little (5 ft 2), and I'm Creative... which gives you some idea where the name Jess A Little Creative comes from! I design and illustrate a wide range of greeting cards to help you connect with the ones you love. My style is highly unique and influenced by pattern, colour and shape.

Finding connection through greeting cards 

I am constantly inspired by the power of kindness and love, and despite being an introvert, I crave genuine human connection - the kind that comes when we put our phones away, and have deep, meaningful conversations with those who 'get us'. A combination of all these things led me to create this greeting card business. 

I want to help you to connect more, with my range of unique greeting cards. I truly believe that more kindness, love and connection can be found by sending beautiful, meaningful cards to the ones we love. 


Headhot of Jess, owner and founder of Cheltenham greting card business, Jess A Little Creative


Memories you can treasure forever

I have a suitcase in my home studio full of my most treasured greeting cards, some from as far back as my 1st birthday! The memories attached to these cards and the familiar handwriting of loved ones, make these cards one of my most treasured possessions. They help me feel closer to distant memories and loved ones, in a far more genuine and authentic way than a Facebook memory or WhatsApp message ever could. 

Jess A Little Creative cards are high quality, luxurious, beautiful cards featuring unique, illustrated designs, that the recipient will want to keep, put in a frame, and treasure forever. No cards ending up in recycling bins around here! Though if they do, all my cards are printed on high quality, FSC certified, sustainable card, and are as kind to the environment as possible. 


Jess receiving her BA Hons Graphic Design degree from Falmouth University in 2014. Owner Founder Jess A Little Creative


Roots in Graphic Design

I haven't always designed greeting cards. I studied Graphic Design at Falmouth University, and spent nearly 7 years working as a Graphic Designer in design agencies across Bristol and The Cotswolds, before settling in Cheltenham where I now live. I still spend some time working as a freelance graphic designer now. 

You don't have to look far to see my graphic design roots in my work. A lot of my greeting cards feature strong use of typography and lettering, and I love exploring new illustration techniques with every greeting card I design.


Unique blue and yellow sunflower greeting card, held up against a backdrop of a field of sunflowers


Passionate about making a difference 

I want to ensure that Jess A Little Creative has a positive impact on the world, and makes a difference. First and foremost, this is through creating beautiful greeting cards that help spread love and kindness between people. But there are other ways I show this in my business.

For every order placed on the website, one tree is planted via Ecologi, a positive climate action organisation. I do everything I can to ensure Jess A Little Creative is as eco-friendly as possible, including printing my designs onto FSC-certified card and not using any plastic in my packaging. Planting a tree for every order placed is another way I can ensure Jess A Little Creative is as sustainable as possible, and has a positive impact on the environment.

I am also proud to have been named as one of Work For Good's 2022 Charity Champions, for the fundraising I did for Ukraine during 2022. I designed a charity sunflower greeting card, and raised over £100 for The British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal. Using my greeting cards to raise money for those in need is something I am incredibly passionate about. There will be more charity card designs coming soon. You can read more about my fundraising here.


Jess enjoying afternoon tea at cafe in Cheltenham. Owner Founder Jess A Little Creative


A big kid at heart

I love drawing, designing, and dreaming about all things greeting cards and stationery, but I do manage to squeeze in some down time as well... 

I love being by the sea. I breathe easier by water, the salty sea air just lights me up and helps me connect back to myself. Having the sea on my doorstep while I studied at Falmouth University was such a treat. 

My weekends are often spent (British weather permitting) walking, being out in nature and discovering new places. Often with a pit stop for a cuppa and slice of cake! 

I also love cosying up on the sofa of an evening (with snacks of course) to enjoy a film night. A feel good romantic comedy, or mindless action film are probably my favourites. As well as the bi-annual Harry Potter marathon which has to be done! 

And though I don't do it as much anymore thanks to a dodgy knee, I also love salsa and bachata dancing. I can forget everything else when I'm dancing, and just be truly present in the moment, it's a magical feeling. So of course when September comes around, my Saturday nights are reserved for Strictly!

Now you know a bit more about Jess A Little Creative, why not stick around and look at all the beautiful greeting card designs available in the shop?