two copies of Jess A Little Creative's 2023 wholesale catalogue laid down on a grey background

Wholesale Greeting Cards Now Available From Jess A Little Creative

Last month, I finished and released my first ever wholesale catalogue for my small greeting card business, Jess A Little Creative, and I am thrilled with it. I now have a place to showcase my entire range of unique greeting cards, and I can’t wait to see them on the shelves of some gorgeous indie shops soon. In this blog, I want to introduce you to Jess A Little Creative and tell you a bit more about the business, and why I decided to branch out into wholesale greeting cards. I will also be sharing the kind of shops I’m hoping to be stocked in, along with some of my core business values including sustainability and inclusivity. I hope this will be a great introduction to Jess A Little Creative and my unique greeting card collection. If you would like a copy of my wholesale catalogue, please send an email to (retailers only please), or you can shop my entire range of wholesale greeting cards on Faire. I am so excited for this new phase of my business and can’t wait to share my unique greeting card designs with even more people and lovely indie retailers like you!

Pink and cream bring on the cake birthday card with recycled kraft brown envelope

Bring On The Cake birthday card, RRP £3.50

What made Jess A Little Creative branch out into wholesale greeting cards?

For those of you who don’t know me, hi! I’m Jess and I run Jess A Little Creative, a small greeting card business based in Cheltenham, United Kingdom. I focus on kindness & connection, sustainability, and unique illustration with my collection of greeting cards. I was originally trained as a graphic designer, and I worked in design agencies for years before going self-employed during the pandemic in 2020. It was the scariest, but best decision I have ever made. Now I split my time between working as a freelance graphic designer, and running Jess A Little Creative, my greeting card business. You can find out more by checking out my About Jess A Little Creative page. I have learnt so much over the past 3 years of running the business, and wholesale was always an area I wanted to expand into. The excitement of getting an online order and packing it up is fantastic and I will never take that for granted, but to see my unique greeting cards on the shelves of actual shops is a whole new level of joy and excitement and will help Jess A Little Creative cards reach more people, and help more people connect with their loved ones through the good times and the bad times. 

Headshot of Jess wearing red jumper and carrying a black notebook, stood in a field of pink, purple and white wildflowers

Jess, owner of Jess A Little Creative

Unique greeting cards to brighten your shelves and retail displays

A comment I often receive when at craft markets or from people on social media is always along the lines of, “Ooh, I’ve never seen anything like that before!”, which is such a huge compliment. In a world where it is harder and harder to find anything truly unique, I am so thrilled to own and embrace my unique, eye-catching and instantly recognisable illustration style. I love that there is nothing else like it out there. I am lucky to have received some truly gorgeous reviews and comments since starting the business, here are some of my favourites:

  • “100% recommend ordering from Jess A Little Creative. Her cards are so unique and beautiful, and they arrive so quickly every time. These gorgeous cards are perfect for sharing with the people you love.”
  • “Amazing as always, the cards are beautifully designed! Delivery is super speedy. I always try and get my cards from Jess as I know that I can rely on her. I couldn’t ask for more from her.”
  • “I’m always pleased with every aspect of my order with Jess. It’s become my ‘go to’ place for cards for all occasions!”
  • “I love sending Jess A Little Creative cards for every occasion because they are so eye catching and so unique! They feel so much more personal than a generic birthday card and they always look so amazing.”

My greeting cards are mini pieces of art - bright, colourful and covered in pattern. Gorgeous designs that loved ones can send to each other to bring them closer together. Due to their unique nature, I am keen to have my greeting cards on the shelves of some unique shops - treasure troves and Aladdin’s caves of unique, high quality items where people can find something special. I would love to be stocked in gorgeous indie shops who value sustainability, and unique greeting card designs featuring lots of colour and pattern. If this sounds like you, please send an email to and I can send you a wholesale catalogue, and we can chat more. I am always more than happy to give recommendations of card designs which work well together, and I can even put together a bit of a ‘starter kit’ for you if you’re struggling to decide on designs for a first order.

red and white typographic ho ho ho christmas card with recycled kraft brown envelope

Ho ho ho Christmas card, RRP £3.50

Wholesale greeting cards for a wide, and inclusive, range of events and audiences

Inclusivity is a huge priority for Jess A Little Creative. Greeting cards are a fantastic way to connect with the ones you love, and they should be for everyone. I try to be as inclusive as I can in all my designs. I have a range of get well soon cards featuring plaster illustrations in different skin tones. I have a wedding card range which includes variations for straight couples, gay couples, and those who don’t identify with a specific gender. I have cards for Step Dads and Step Mums among my range of Father’s Day cards and Mother’s Day cards. I am constantly looking at new ways to ensure all communities and identities are represented in my range of unique greeting cards. How many times have you found a beautiful greeting card, but the printed message inside was all wrong and put you off? Sending a greeting card is such a lovely and personal thing to do, the words should come from the person sending it, which is why all my greeting cards are blank inside.

Pink and cream Mr & Mr wedding card with recycled kraft brown envelope

Mr & Mr wedding card, RRP £3.50

Luxury wholesale greeting cards with sustainability at their heart

Like many, I feel huge apprehension about what is happening to our gorgeous planet Earth. When I started Jess A Little Creative, I knew the business had to be sustainable, and give something back to the environment. If I couldn’t achieve that, I wouldn’t be doing it. So I have worked hard to make the business as sustainable as possible. I am constantly looking at ways to improve, but a few things I do already include:

  • Using a highly eco-friendly and sustainable specialist greeting card printers.
  • Ensuring all cards are printed on FSC-certified card, which contains 40% reclaimed cup fibres.
  • Supplying all cards with 100% recycled kraft brown envelopes.
  • Supplying wholesale greeting card orders ‘naked’. If you wish for your wholesale greeting cards to be more protected, you can get them packed in eco-friendly cello sleeves, which are completely plastic-free.
  • Planting trees for every order placed on my website via Ecologi. I am currently looking into how I can also plant trees for every wholesale order placed too.

I want to ensure that Jess A Little Creative does more to support the environment than damage it. All businesses have a responsibility to protect and preserve our planet for future generations. There is more information about how Jess A Little Creative remains as eco-friendly as possible in my Sustainability Promise.

Turquoise and purple dragonfly greeting card with recycled kraft brown envelope photographed against a backdrop of purple wildflowers

Dragonfly greeting card, RRP £3.50

Request a copy of the Jess A Little Creative 2023 wholesale catalogue

If you love the look of Jess A Little Creative greeting cards and would be interested in stocking them in your gorgeous shop, please get in touch. You can request a wholesale catalogue by emailing me on (retailers only please), or you can shop my entire wholesale greeting card range on Faire.

two copies of Jess A Little Creative's 2023 wholesale catalogue photographed laid down on a grey background

Shop Jess A Little Creative on Faire

It has been a real joy to announce the introduction of wholesale greeting cards to Jess A Little Creative. I am so excited for this next phase. I hope this blog has helped give you a broad introduction to the Jess A Little Creative brand, and everything I can offer to fabulous independent shops who are looking for unique greeting cards for their shelves. Please do drop an email to if you are interested in stocking my cards in your shop, or alternatively you can shop my entire wholesale greeting card range on Faire

Jess x

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