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5 Ways To Make Writing Your Christmas Cards Fun

We’ve all been there… You can’t find Ryan’s new address, you didn’t buy enough stamps, your wrist aches from writing, and you’re feeling about as festive as Ebeneezer Scrooge himself. But writing your Christmas cards doesn’t need to be this way! If you make it a fun festive activity, like you would when you bake Christmas cookies or put up the Christmas tree, it can make you feel ultra festive, and full of love and gratitude for the wonderful people in your life who you’re sending Christmas cards to. So read on to find out 5 ways to make writing your Christmas cards fun…

Robin Christmas card, with kraft brown recycled envelope

 Robin Christmas card

1. Get organised before writing your Christmas cards

I alluded to this at the start of the article, but being organised really does help. Ensuring you have enough stamps, having your address book to hand (with all your friends and family’s most up-to-date addresses inside), having your favourite pen to write with, and a spare in case that one runs out… All these things make the whole process a lot easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable! These little bits of preparation don’t take long, and really do make Christmas card writing a whole lot more straightforward.

Ho Ho Ho Christmas card with kraft brown recycled envelope

Ho Ho Ho Christmas card

2. Grab your favourite snacks, and pour a festive tipple

Snacks make everything better, right? And chances are, as soon as you mention snacks, the whole family will want to get involved with writing Christmas cards! Whether it’s munching on some Christmas cookies you baked earlier, a bowl of popcorn, or tucking into the infamous Christmas cheese board, snacks will definitely help things along. And why not pour a festive tipple too? A mulled wine, or a cheeky splash of Bailey’s in a hot chocolate will give you that little treat you need to make you feel more festive and in the mood for writing your Christmas cards.

Mistletoe Christmas card with kraft brown recycled envelope

Mistletoe Christmas card

3. Get cosy with blankets, candles and your comfiest clothes

Make your environment as appealing and festive as possible. Whether you’re comfiest writing your cards at the dining table, with a cosy blanket wrapped around your legs, and your favourite festive candle burning, or curled up on the sofa in your PJ’s, being comfortable, warm and cosy will help make writing your Christmas cards a lot easier! But remember - never leave burning candles unattended, and ensure they are blown out before leaving the room. Safety first!

Botanical Foliage Christmas card with kraft brown recycled envelope

Botanical Foliage Christmas card

4. Put on a Christmas film, or some Christmas music

I don’t know about you, but Christmas films and music instantly make me feel happier, more joyful, and full of festive cheer! Perfect to get you in the mood for writing your Christmas cards. Have one on in the background (quietly, so it doesn’t distract you and stop you writing!) and soak up those festive vibes. The tough choice will be, which film or music to choose! My vote goes to The Holiday, and Michael Buble’s Christmas album.

Star Christmas card with kraft brown recycled envelope

Star Christmas card

5. Remember why you’re sending Christmas cards

This is by far the most important, and most effective way to make writing your Christmas cards an enjoyable experience. You may not have thought about it, but you are sending Christmas cards because you have special, wonderful people in your life who you love, and who you want to celebrate this special time of year with! So practicing gratitude for these special people, and remembering all the reasons why they mean so much to you, while writing their Christmas cards, will turn the whole event from a chore, into a special and joyous event. 

Why not make it extra special by writing your favourite memories of them from the year inside their card, or what you’re looking forward to doing with them next year? Sending Christmas cards is the perfect way to reflect on the special relationships you have in your life, and show your loved ones how important they are to you. It is such a thoughtful thing to do, and will leave your heart feeling full and happy! What could be better than that? It is what Christmas is all about after all…

2023 New Year card with kraft brown recycled envelope

2023 New Year card

So there you have it, 5 ways to make writing your Christmas cards fun. As a quick reminder, here are the 5 ways once again: Make sure you have everything organised and prepared before you start, enjoy your favourite snacks and a festive tipple while writing, get cosy with blankets and candles, put on a Christmas film or Christmas music in the background, and most importantly, remember why you’re sending Christmas cards in the first place - for all those special people in your life! Practicing gratitude at this time of year really adds that special festive magic to everything you do.

So whether you pick one of these, or do all 5 of them, I hope they help you write your Christmas cards, and really enjoy and appreciate the experience! For more Christmas card tips and advice, why not sign up to The Little Creative Gang, my email list, where you will also receive 10% off my range of unique and special Christmas cards.

Happy Christmas card writing,
Jess x
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